Sunday, February 22, 2009

Time Out

Me - Evan why were you in time out?
Evan - Because I was fight'in the wall.
Me - Why were you fighting the wall?
Evan - Because I thought my shadow was a real person.

I think the official stir craziness has kicked in around here.....Evan has been bouncing off the walls lately and now he is fighting them!! Maybe we are all getting ready for spring to be here.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Cy...10 months now! It is so hard for me to believe this little guy is almost 1 year!

It snowed Friday...I love to see Lydia all bundled up!

She was so excited to make snow angels.....but this pic kind of looks like, "help, I have fallen and I cannot get up!"

I liked this one for many reasons, but one being the 'gentleness'....which does not often come out too much as Evan is too busy with 'active play'!

Evan...he is under there. I have to surprise him with the camera, otherwise I get I super cheesy smile out of this kiddo!

My New Must Have

OK, I do not know if anyone actually looks at this, but I have recently discovered a household "must have". I do not know why I have not bought it in economy size for years. Good 'ole baking soda goes far beyond fringe use.......I highly recommend googling it for yourself. It is CHEAP, Envirornmentally friendly and makes things fresh and clean! Pair it with my 2nd favorite new discovery, vineager (yes the smell not so great) but a cheap and natural disinfectant to keep your house and LAUNDRY fresh and clean!
Note: Only one thing I tried, which I won't anymore is using it for stainless steel. It did not work very well and it will "scratch" if it is not perfectly in line with the grain of the steel.