Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The String Beans Concert

We went to a little concert.
They are fun for kids.  I got a kick out of it too.
They had bubbles, can you see?

I may buy a CD.

Can you tell she loved it too!!!

She did not know what to think!

After we got home we watched this video some times.
Evan kept cracking up about the buffalo.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ferry to Washington Island - Wisconsin

We traveled north this summer.  To Wisconsin, in Door County.  We got there and went further yet, to Washington island.
 She was ready to set sail

She was ready too 

We had a lot of space to ourselves on the upper deck!
(The boys were too scared to be on the top...Evan says he has a fear of heights...he is just my Mr Safety Boy) 
So, I snapped my usual star of my photos!

Did I mention we took our car

Dad tried to venture out for a bit.
The little brother sees the older brother apprehensive
and of course little brother becomes apprehensive.
(He otherwise would not be)

May the wind be at your back and the sun shine upon your face
as you travel by ferry with your car

and then get in the car
and drive

"Seriously people, get out of my way"
I am pretty sure that is what she was thinking

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our Lady of Good Help Shrine

We traveled to Wisconsin this summer and this special shrine was right in our path.  I did not really "plan" to make a special trip there, rather God planned it for me.  So, we stopped on our way to our "real destination".

When we arrived, the gift shop had just closed.  But we got to go inside the Chapel and under the Chapel where the apparition is said to have taken place.  Although at the time of the apparition that spot was a forest as Our Lady appeared to Sister Adele in the forest.  I took a few pictures here and there, but I always feel so strange taking pictures inside churches.
So outside here are Lydia & Cy with Our Lady of Fatima

Outside with Jesus.
I am not sure if that was "appropriate" to let our 3 year old ride the lamb.... 

They had nice grounds and it was quite peaceful.

Our Lady of Good Help definately heard my prayers this day as I have been praying for 2 years and now since my visit to this special place my prayers are being answered, nothing less than a miracle!

Our Lady of Good Help, pray for us!