Saturday, November 1, 2014

Oh Lord I want to be in that number!

All Saints Day Party!

We took the kiddos to 2 different Saint Day celebrations. 
This first one was at a local retreat center.

The second All Saints Day Party was at our parish.
Our Mother's guild - St. Gerard's put it together and it turned out really fun.
My pictures just do not do it justice as I was rushing to snap a few pics before the festivities began.
We had 15 activities/games:
Here are a few that I took a picture of.

 Oh, first though are our Heavenly Gates!

I saw a heavenly entrance - so we ran with their creativity...
Our balloons clouds kept popping...and falling I guess too!



 St. John Bosco
The kids kicked a soccer ball in the goal and then received a variety of balls for a prize.
 St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
My 8 year old daughter, Lydia, thought of this game and I loved it!  The kids had to study the items on the chalk board and then turn around and something was taken away and they had to guess what was missing.  Super Cute!  They received "smarties" candy for a prize.

St. Mary Magdalene's Perfume shop

Match up the scents!
We had: Mint, Lemon, Cherry, Banana, Root Beer, and Garlic....yum!

Toss the Halo on the Saint

Saintly version of a ring toss game.
We used yellow glow necklaces for the halo....prizes were LED Finger lights.

St. Anthony, St Anthony please come around

something is lost and cannot be found!
Kiddos Saints simply pulled a prize out from packaging peanuts...easy enough!

St. Joseph's 
Workshop Shop

The idea was to have 2 kids race to build a chair, but I think they just built one and called it good!
Prize was a pencil....since they are made from wood!

St. Isadore's Pumpkin Bowling

St. Helen

 trying it out.
Prize was Mott's Medleys Fruit snacks from Costco.

St. Peter's Fishing Game

We had versions of this game.  I did not get a picture of the other version for the little ones...
There was a little baby pool filled with blow up fish and the little ones could find a statue of St. Peter in it.  They loved bouncy in the little pool!

St. Cecelia's Musical Chairs

Absolute hit with everyone.
  Except Our Lady would not move out of her seat, she just sat there and watch the other children walk around her.  It was cute....Our Lady did not want to wear her veil either.

We decorated a tree in honor of St. Francis....
St. Lucia in front!

Saint George -
There he is!

 Fighting the dragon

Throwing him in the fiery furnace!

 St. Therese

Rose Toss of course.


The Saints paraded around the parish center...St. Lucia was so sweet to carry Our Lady!

We had 3 more games/activities - I just did not snap a picture of these:

St. Patrick - pin the shamrock on him
St. Martha's Bake Shop - Decorate a cookie
St. Helen - Find the True Cross - simply pick from 3 crosses to guess which one Jesus was on - turn it over to find out! 

Each station had a picture and a bio of each saint.  In the case of the Toss the Halo game I made a picture with Jesus (from Faith Keepers Holy Card Maker as were most of the other pictures) and the sheet read:
Help Jesus Toss the Halo on the Saint
Let their halo shine bright for they are filled with Jesus' light!

Wish I had better pics - this was a few years of seeing all the ideas online and finally implementing them in our parish - it was great fun - thanks to all the moms that helped locally and all the moms that post such fun and creative ideas online for us to draw ideas from!

All Hallow's Eve....Halloween

We were running behind on Halloween, so my pictures are few.
But here is my crew.
Ghost...holy of course.
Roman soldier in the back on the right.
Ladybug....who refused to put the hood on so one could see she is a bug.

Cupcake (we carved a few days ahead....hence the black spots)
Tinkerbell with pixie dust (hence holes)
Celtic....sort of...cross - kinda messed up a bit
 scary....Evan wanted to do that one

It was a coooolllddd night ....

Poor girl's hair turned white
(just kidding we sprayed it.)

 He blended in with our ghosts this year.


5 little ghosts.
Happy All Hallows Eve
and the next day we were saints for an all saints day celebration.