Friday, June 22, 2012

Blog Abandonment

I abandoned my blog...
Just stopped recording our moments...
So, I shall "catch up" a bit...
We had some birthdays occur around here.

Like this guy who turned 4.

I made spider web snacks.
We ate blue & red M&M's.

Enjoyed some Spidey Juice.

This young one is growing.
I just like this pic.
It is "old" now - back in April hence the flannel jam bams...

I have been putting pigtails in her hair.

I like car pictures.

We made play rice awhile back... 

It was soooo pretty!
I may not bother coloring it next time.
Although Cyrus and Lydia loved that process. 
It was pretty easy.

This was from Easter!

So was this.
Currently she is missing both front teeth.
She caught up with Evan who is 20 months older.

Family pic...
the best one.
Evan has a really hard time
when he knows his picture is being taken!

My twirly whirly girl.

We went to Chicago back in April.
I still call this Sears Tower...
I think the locals even forget to call it Willis!

On Skydeck.
The glass box
or the "ledge"

Evan is actually pretty scared of heights,
which I thought was a "made up" thing,
but he truely has issues...sorry for judging anyone!
But he did well, even stepped out on the ledge-
totally surprised me!

Baby on "ledge"

Family at top of Willis Tower.

Pic #2 of family...

Couldn't take the kids to Chicago
without eating here.

There was hardly anyone there,
so it was not as "lively" as it can get.
But who needs more liveliness
when you have this party animal!

Or better yet this one!

It wore this one out cold!

We walked...
a lot..
she did this
a lot!
I did not get a ton of pics.
Naturally the first day my camera battery was dead!
This pic was in the evening towards the end of our trip.
It was at that perfect lighting time of day!

That is all for now....
I will be back to record more of my digital journal (soon!).
Someone turned 2 on us and another one turned 6!
But before I go I will "announce" - we are expecting baby #5 in December.