Friday, May 2, 2014

Easter......completely late

 So, here is our Easter.....3 weeks past Easter....ugh.
I have been in a rut with photos......not really getting good ones.  Maybe God is telling me something, I should not be obsessive about "the perfect" photo.  I just compare too much, which is wrong, wrong wrong.
I wanted a picture of our whole family - did not happen.  Why is that so hard?  It is soo hard for our family - nearly impossible.


The girl on the bench
 was pretty adamant about sitting on the bench....
made for great composition....ugh

This series was cute
I wish our little Mare Bear would have been in them!

I do not even remember what she discovered, 
they are always finding something, aren't they.

 The camera Gods are against me
well, her hair is lovely, even if it is blowing in my face!
 So, we will just split up - I take the girls

Dad can take the boys.
Easter basket - Treasures

because, nothing says happy Easter and Alleluia
like a Skylanders t-shirt.

They did each get a little saint in their baskets
Lydia got St. Lydia
They are from Saintly Silver on Etsy.

Aliza with St. Cecilia.

Everyone needs one of these...

This guy - he is pretty fun!
I guess the 9 year old boy is pretty fun too!

She is always pointing at something we should be seeing.
Isn't that so funny - that universal baby trait.

The boys had fun with their Family Dollar store helicopter
- the all of 7 minutes it lasted.  It is too bad too - they were really having fun with it.

 So we had family over and after everyone ate
the cousins played touch football - in our tiny backyard
but they managed

Cyrus had turned 6 -two weeks before

(we had a little birthday for him on his b-day)
but with family over for Easter we got to "celebrate" his birthday again on Easter!
My kids love Angel Food cake, better than regular cake.
My Cy Guy

This was the last year for that little sweater vest.
I know he wore it last year, possibly the year before....kinda sad.


Everyone went home -
some took a nap (dad and Marin...he worked on that meat for 3 days - well deserved rest!)
but then ended the day with some hoops and more outside play.

Everyone else had long since changed...
(Lydia a couple times)

But this one

She kept her dress on until the end.
 She wanted nothing to do with changing out of it.
She had been waiting patiently for a few weeks to be able to wear her "Easter Dress".
I know it looks more like a princess dress than Easter, but my goodness she loves that dress and I figure she is God's princess, so it worked out well!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine Cards - Photo Style!

A few years ago I started making photo Valentine Cards, and now I feel the obligation to keep it rolling....  Despite, how much time I waste in PicMonkey.....I like having their little picture on the "card"!

This is the first year I made one for Aliza.

We attached a chocolate heart and a little lollipop.

Cyrus...what a guy

We attached 2 Twizzlers

Here is Lydia's

She chose Blow Pops as her treat to pass out.
I thought it was cute as the lollipop is a bit umbrella like for the know if your are wanting to tie in the whole Mary Poppins thing with the wind....perhaps a stretch!

And the oldest
Evan is so easy going

I picked out his candy - he does not care so much.
Went with the 'ole Tootsie pops 
with the 'ole Tootsie Roll center!

So we are set...just have to finish up Lydia's cupcake Valentine Box and already sent Lloyd (the green ninja) off to kindergarten.  I will post a picture, cause it is stink'in cute and I am no ninja fan!

Happy Saint Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

She is One ....Past one

Our Marin is One
I was overdue in getting perfectly one year pics....
these are more like 13 1/2 month pictures

 we were outside - a bit chilly, but it was a mini shoot
(I did not take them)

She is so serious

 always so hard to get her to smile for the camera.

I would put her in this dress everyday if I could

 can I?

Everyone oughta have a perfectly purple party dress

The little flower shop had the most perfect colors out decorating the front of their shop.
It looks like I planned it all out ( I did not - just got lucky - it was all quite last minute actually!)
I just knew I wanted pictures of her in that dress!

I would put her in this dress everyday if I could....oops did I already mention that?
This last one is my favorite

She fell off that perfectly positioned bench that just happen to be outside the flower shop.  Her little feet could not quite touch the ground and I knew she would try....just knew it.....but I wanted that shot on that bench.....yep she tried to get up - fell on her face on the cement.....I knew I should of put a blanket on the cement...the fall left a mark, right on that perfectly flawless forehead!
Poor girl, first I make her take pics in the cold air and then I set her up to fall - just for a that perfect shot!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Our Holiday....AKA....Vacation to Florida

We recently traveled to Orlando.
Dad took us all on his work trip.
All 7 of us flew.....had a delayed flight on the way there....but we made it.
 This babe was a trooper....our first flight, which I will never do again was at 6:30 am, so she was up at 3:45am and went strong until late afternoon....she fell asleep 8 minutes before the final flight ended....

 The boys mine crafting........someone conveniently forgot a book! 

If you travel to Disney - Magic Kingdom
this picture is some sort of requirement.
I am personally not a huge Disney fan - sorry if that offends - so I did not have my heart set on getting the perfect shot here - I knew the sun and crowds were fighting against me - I was just fulfilling the obligation!
Buzz Light Year - our first ride in the park
They are not even big Buzz fans
Aliza does not even know who he is
 but, the boys enjoy shooting things
 Buzz....what a guy

So small world ride....lame? 
I used to think know kind of "dated" looking,
no thrills, no chills, no high tech anything.
But something changed for me.
 I like it now.

(And Marin loved seeing all the singing dolls!)

Aliza also loved it!

She helped me appreciate this simple ride more than I ever have.
(that is chocolate chip on her cheek - bringing along and feeding your children chocolate chip cookies through out the day definitely helps keep moral up all day long...just saying)

Anyway, she pointed to doll after doll

saying "I want to be that for next Halloween".  
She very much appreciated all their costumes.
It was truly enchanting for her little 3 year old girlness.

 So, I just started snapping pictures
 to help her remember this ride she enjoyed so much,
that I have failed to appreciated until seeing it through her 3 year old eyes.

So after 3 days of parks -  Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and then Universal Studios-
we were wore out....
Dad had his work one day and then we were able to drive to the beach.
This is my children's favorite activity.
We drove to St. Augustine - so much to see there.
But all they wanted to do (with the exception of Evan - who loves the beach too, but also loves seeing all the historical stuff) was hit the sand!

It was cloudy, but warm

I heart this pic of Aliza

I like this one too

 I could have followed her chubbiness around

snapping pictures for-ev-errr!

This guy is pretty cute too


kinda silly

and I just happen to see this moment


This guy

love that he still plays at the beach and has a blast!


My vowel names

 E & A

And this....
this is my required picture for the beach!
(can you tell who is bored,
perhaps slightly annoyed to sit still and just look at the water -it is not the babe either!)

The middle man - I am his mother - I can see his expression from the backside!

then I told them to be silly
but the littlest duck can't stick around -
at all - the above pic was the one nano second she sat like that!

Evan - I meant silly and happy simultaneously!

And this first time beach baby

was busy

and I mean busy

very busy



Love this boy too

They all play so nicely together at the beach
(which is not always the case in other settings!)

The beach is my most favorite place to capture the moment.
I already want to plan our next beach trip ~ Thinking about Michigan for us this is closer, not so hot, just maybe...