Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Noodle Bling

I do not recall if I ever have made a noodle necklace as a child. So, perhaps this is my first one. Evan made it for me. I love it. He even went so far as to put it in my jewelry box.

Monday, January 26, 2009

This little guy......I could just take his picture all day! We had some quiet time just the 2 of us. I love how babies don't give you that "cheesy smile" is all real.
Have I mentioned I love naked baby pictures?

His little outie button and all! It will eventually become an innie, so I am told! Does not matter, who cares with those blue eyes!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snow Fun

We had a bit of "soggy" snow. Evan & Lydia did not seem to mind - they made fun out of it!

Getting a jump on things......

Time to come inside for hot coco!!!

It took me forever to post these! Playing in Photoshop - did not realize you cannot just use "save" to post on web after making some tweaks in colors!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My 2 Year old Life

Lydia's quote of the day - out of the blue & ever so serious!

"I'm having a hard time mom."

Hmm, because life as a 2 year old is quite hard!!

Other Fun Ones!
"Pink is my favorite" - this is said several times a day.
"I will be like a Princess" - putting on any dress/skirt.
She still requests to wear her Christmas dress to church or anywhere else.
"Mom, you have a bra on?" - Often said very randomly. I am not sure of this fascination. But it is often followed by, "But I don't have a bra on".

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I told Lydia she could help pick out a cereal at the store. So, we are in the cereal aisle and she shouts out, "Parts, I want parts". It took me a second, but then realized which kind she wanted. We seldomly buy this kind - as some how "all the parts" do not get eaten -even though I repeatedly say "You have to eat all the parts, not just the marshmallows."
So, this morning I was greeted with Lydia saying, "I will eat ALLLL the parts!"

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year

Happy New Year! Evan is sooooo into coloring these days!! He cannot get enough of it lately. But EVERYTHING he makes is for "Daddy's shop". At this point I cannot imagine what daddy's shop looks like! He even took down a picture (he had colored earlier today) I had taped to display on our window at home. He informed me that it was for dad's shop. OK.

Lydie...we curled her hair a lot over the holidays. I remember when my mom would put these kind of sponge curlers in my hair. I am so glad they still make them!

Cyrus...bath time. He had his 9 month check up.... I knew he was on the little side - but turns out he is only in the 5 percentile for weight!! This is a drastic difference from Evan. I looked back at Evan's 9 month check and he weighed 7 lbs more than Cyrus at 9 months! WoW!
Our little Cy... He is quite the late bloomer too! I have tried to show him how to sit up from a laying position - he only gets bothered....oh well.