Friday, March 27, 2009

Montana Plane Crash

A friend just sent me this link on this article. It really gave me the Chills.

One thing that breaks my heart is when the author stated how the very wealthy Pam Feldkamp (wife of extremely wealthy owner of for profit abortion clinics) would laugh at the fetal development signs held infront of the clinics. How cold hearted is that? Besides the fact that babies are being torn apart limb by limb and decapited. The instruments used - just horrific.

Anyway, the author writes the article very well and is not an "I told you so" kind of person.

I thought I would just keep this blog "light", but I see I do get a comment here and there so I thought I would put something up with more of a "purpose" - as some would say many blogs do not have a purpose - but I do not think so. It can be a "creative" outlet for each individual blogger. Perhaps there may not be much "interest" from others (which is fine) it more for the blogger's fun. We all can be a bit narcissistic - hello - facebook!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Family Secret

Evan -What kind of room did you have when you were little, daddy?

Dad - A regular one

Evan - Oh, well what kind of underwear did you have?

Yes, this was a real concern for our Evan. Apparently every child is to have some sort of character room or underwear! He just has the underwear. His room is what I would call "vintage" cowboy. I picked that as he was too little to care at the time - he is still ok with it - I do not think I can handle "character" rooms. Shoes, clothes, underwear - that is good enough!

And yes, this kiddo loves to run around in his underwear!! This was just a regular snapshot I had from a few months ago - with a little fun in photoshop!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mall of America

We took a short trip to Mall of America. I had not been there in years. There is no doubt it has quite the selection. I did not get to shop - a bit of torture for me to be so close to all those stores and not go in! But we were on limited time... Now that I think about it perhaps it would have been more torture to shop with the whole fam!
I did not get much for pics. I took along my point and shoot vs. dragging my "real camera". Which I am still completely struggling with at times!! I have a new found respect for "real photographers"! They really have a talent and more knowledge than I will ever figure out!

Legoland @ Mall of America

Pool time

This babe loved the pool!
His first time - could not get enough!
The mall was enough crowd for me for awhile -- the older I get the more I cannot take crowds. Just a side note as I am so out of the loop on what is hip and what is not. I saw more piercings in MSP than I have seen in sometime -- mainly nose and above the lip area. I love how, in general, people want to be sooo different from one another yet we all conform to do what is "cool". ie - If I see one more Coach purse I think I will throw up! Well, not literally...and my appologies for sounding so rude if you have one. But really for awhile there I thought it was a requirement to have one before entering the mall!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

BPA Free Dishes

We have had these little gems for awhile. Any of you moms out there trying to limit your kids exposure to BPA (Bisphenol A) these are a great solution. If you have not heard about the potential health risks to humans that BPA could cause I highly recommend googling it -- I am not trying to be an expert here by any means and I certainly try not to go "overboard" with "everything" as we cannot live in a bubble!! I think a lot of the chemical is released when it is heated - so even more important watch out with baby bottles if you use them!

Anyway, these are from IKEA - BPA free, microwavable (although I don't) and dishwasher safe!! Many of you may already have them!! But if you do not and you do not live near an IKEA - as I do not - someone is genious and selling them on ebay - brand new!! And HONESTLY I have absolutely nothing to do with that! Just glad I was able to purchase them!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Far From Perfection

In the blog world you can make your life look perfect...but it is not! Yes, Saddly,this is what our toy room often looks like...they can destroy it in one moment...I know I am supposed to enjoy this time as they are not little for long and I do -- but THIS is no fun!!!

And Lydia brought this present out to the living room. Along with blankets I think I could fold 1,000 times a day for them to be unfolded 1,000 times! She literally had a paper sack and loaded and unloaded.
So I have a plan for spring cleaning -- more toys will be making a new home in the basement.

Speaking of Spring - we have been enjoying some great weather here in the heartland...Nebraska!

But what happens when you place a baby in the grass?

Can I balance so my legs don't touch it?

Well, maybe just one leg!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tea Time

Would you care for a spot of Tea....on your cupcake?

Hmm, maybe I will use a cup after all.
I wish this girl would let me pull her hair back - so we could actually see her face!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Winter Activities

I just liked this picture....such a silly face!

March is my least favorite month of the is long and we have beened teased with some nice weather, yet still mainly cold. Hence winter "activities"...
Banana bread.....this is the BEST banana bread recipe I have had in awhile! At least the kids and I have been quite enjoying it! I know, I know people get tired of banana bread....but this is a "white" version with buttermilk (I had to subsitute my buttermilk with make your own with vineager, even though she says not too - I did, and my mini loafs turned out awesome!!) Anyway the recipe is from
She has fabulous recipes!

On a bit different note - I am done baking with children for awhile... way too many hands everywhere!
Oh, the craft projects we do around here!! Evan is into "recycling" anything. So sock puppets from daddy's old socks. We had a good time. Then he put on a "show" for me!