About Me

I am a stay at home mom to 5 children.  I love it (mostly!).  We live in the midwest.  I am Catholic.  I am conservative.  I am pro-life.  I hate shopping for shoes.  I wish I had a hobby I was really good at like photography or sewing or crafting or knitting or decorating - but I don't.  I like them all real well, but I have this "problem" of sticking with something....

Things I like:
Pizza & Cake, Brownies & Icecream
Ocean Cottages (I do not have one)
Beach vacations
Cute little home made things
Doing Crafts with my kids - but honestly a lot of times I lose my patience!
Pictures of Mary & Baby Jesus
Pink (as in the color)
Learning about & honoring Catholic Saints-not worshipping! :)
Learning with my kids about "stuff"
Mary Engelbriet's Artwork -old world and vintagy
Family Days/Times
Seeing other peoples homes!

Things I do not like:
Restaurants without windows
A lot of the stuff that is on TV- and I mean a lot
Public Restrooms
Loose Hair - as in not attached to someone's head
Well Water - we have it - and it does not make my hair happy
Fancy Shmancy restaurants - (I am fine with a burger)
Learning how to use technology/new devices...

there is more - I will finish later....I think...I will try - that whole sticking with something - I have issues with!

This is our fam at Christmas ~
Big hair day for me! yikes!

Thanks for peeking in our window door!

(Mary Engelbriet must have stuck with her hobby!)