Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year!
We recreated our Christmas outfits for New Years Eve!

Some of us love dressing up, 
while some of us do not....
one in particular does not understand 
why you would need to wear dark socks with dress shoes,
hmm, that is strange...

At church tonight I did snap a good one of this guy.

He said something like:
"Hey mom, pretend like I am giving baby Jesus this straw so I can give him a gift."
love this boy - he says the best stuff.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Narnia with the Children

We took the 3 oldest children to see Narnia
at the local children's theater.

The kids really enjoyed it - it was long for Cy Guy- but he did great!

This girl

was excited for another chance to wear her Christmas dress
and her fake new glasses!
Really, they are not real.
However, her vision is borderline, so we may need to get used to it!

We ate our little snack, finished the 2nd half of the show,
and headed to our car.  Little did we know (because NO signs were posted!) that the parking garage closed!  We had a little scare, but thank Heavens someone was leaving for us to sneak in the gate!

(Please ignore someone's sweatshirt - he did have a nice shirt on under...)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Christmas Curly Q's

Merry Christmas Girls!

Lydia rising from her new loft bed

 love this pink tree in their room
 it is all glowy

someday, I will have to roll a 3rd head of hair
but not quite yet.
(go ahead and ignore that 0-3month size pacifier in her 1 year old mouth)

On our way to 8:00am Mass

We did not even peak at gifts

before we went to say
Happy Birthday to Jesus

Merry Christmas!
This was taken at church -
we are quite blessed with a beautiful church-
I could take pictures there forever,
but I think people think I am a little strange taking pictures there sometimes.
Also, someone gets a little annoyed with me a chance to practice the virtue of patience, but I hate to push it too much!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saint Lucia

I love this feast day.....
I am not even sure why.....
I used to not know a thing about it
(A girl with candles on her head....kinda weird...)

  I love the white dresses
 (or big brother's white t-shirt)


I love the the red sashes
(and little babes that look like funny elves)

 This little elf was not sticking around for pictures
(I am surprised she kept her crown on as long as she did)

I made their crowns-
I was short on greenery, but I will add more next year
why are babies so busy....

They rarely hold plates with food on them, let alone with fire!

and someone is ready to serve

 I could have watched them parade around the house

but the boys were growing impatient
we made it to the dining room


and despite my wishes of getting all the children together 
for a picture

I settled for 2 of 3 of my St. Lucias

and a quick one of Star boy

He made his hat at school (public even)
I love how in kindergarten they "travel" around the world and learn about various customs and traditions and God Bless them they get to learn about St. Lucia's Feast Day!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Card 2013

I am hoping they arrive in time for me to mail.....

Stationery Card
View the entire collection of cards.