Monday, September 3, 2012

Apple Orchard

We made it to the apple orchard today.

had the tractor ride all to ourselves -
don't the children look thrilled!

(They don't really appreciate group picture time!)

Really they had fun!

She enjoyed the ride

Farmer Evan -
I am pretty sure all farmers support Star Wars attire.

As much as the big kids
LOVED the corn maze

she did not!

I took this one right before some almost tears came about-
she did not appreciate the mud getting on her shoes
nor the ruff terain for her little feet

It is hard to tell, but she was giddy with delight
when daddy cleaned her up!

She was happy again!

She especially enjoys her beverages-
apple cider slushie

They did not want to leave

I love it when kids get to enjoy good old fashioned fun!