Painted Saints

I was inspired awhile back by Jessica at Shower of Roses and her Alphabet of Painted Saints posting based off of the book An Alphabet of Catholic Saints.
I have painted about 18 or so little wooden figures.  My kids enjoy pulling them out, especially when it is their particular saint feast day.  We play games with them too!  Like I will put a few on a tray and the kids look away and I take one away and they have to guess who is missing!  Or, I use them at religious ed class and the children love, love to play I spy with them!  I hide one or sometimes all of them in a room and they have to search for a particular saint (or Jesus) and when they spy the saint, they very calmly go sit down until the other kids have found him/her.  It is fun that way as everyone gets a chance to find the saint (or Jesus)!!

I am NO artist.  My 7 and 5 year old have also helped with some of them.

Here is a start of a few of ours:

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

St. Joseph

Saint Ursela

We have more-i will post individually soon sometime!