Monday, July 15, 2013


We went to Yankton recently
Did a little fishing and boating
This girl

she can fish for hours...
late, late at night
 with her dad
Cyrus is more of our boat driver

 Aliza too

This one has always, always been so patient
she could be still from the time she was a toddler
always so good in restaurants or doctors offices, or to get her picture taken

this one...
well, she is different...
not the same


my friend calls her colorful, oh that she is!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's been awhile...

I keep thinking in the back of my brain how I started recording a few family moments on this blog and I how I kinda stopped and I do not even have a picture of our newest babe - not one picture of her up on this teeny tiny (as Aliza's refers to things) blog.  Our Marin Grace, or Mare Bear as we call her was born 7 months ago!

Well here she is at 5 months...

Of course she started out more like this, scratch on cheek and all

and this is what our Mare Bear looks like more recently

and so these are all my little people

my sillies, my often times very loud sillies

So hopefully I will be more on track.  Now that I have not done this in so long, it seems easier than it used to be - to post pics, yay for that!

Me with Aliza & Lydia
of course I like to distort it a bit as to hide wrinkles, for the artistic affect.

Tootles for back sooner then 10 months! ha!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Our Luminaries for the 4th of July

We painted luminaries

then we lined our sidewalk

and rode some bikes through them

Cyrus painted these

I did this one

 We put candles
(and rocks - give it more weight)
in them
 flash photography - does not show their lovely glow
but who is that girl up way too late!

the glow....

I loved it
so much I packed them away for next year!

This was easy peasy too! Just need white paper lunch sacks, paint, brushes, and a paper punch.  I did pick up some candles, the kind that are suppose to keep bugs away that don't....ironically there were dead bugs in the melted wax, so maybe that is the plan for those know keep them away by killing them in the wax!