Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last Day of Kindergarten

This was the last day of kindergarten for Evan.  He did a super job all year ~ I could not be more proud! Never once did his "Kelso Stick" go down to the "oops" cup or for that matter the "super sad" cup.  I think he was the only one in his class who was able to do that! Now if he could just do that at home!!!


But, sadly I have been noticing he is starting to immitate some of the things he has learned from the "other kids" at school.  The obnoxious stuff.  He may not be able to define the word sarcasm, but knows how to talk that way.  This morning he told his little brother "oh nice job" when he was quite annoyed with him for wrecking something.  I think back a year ago and he never would have expressed himself that way. Sure, he would have spoke his mind but not sacastically.  And I know it is pretty normal for many of us (including myself) to speak that way. But, I also look at my almost 5 year old Lydia who would never think to say anything sarcastic.  She is so pure and innocent.  I have swallowed somethings that have happened to Evan his 1st year of kindergarten and try to remind myself it is part of life, but, I cannot help but think about Lydia next year having to lose some of her innocence that comes from being exposed to the "other kids"....
But for now we will enjoy our summer bubble of time.

He thought it was funny to hold his lunch box up ~ so did I!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Holy Family Shrine

We went here yesterday

to the glass church.
(that is my brother, holding a non smiley baby!)

Lydia sketched away in her book.
We are doing a local "Let's Go Play" booklet where you "go play", get the clue/rubbing to show you have been there or draw your own picture as she is doing for this one
and when we have 20 "adventures" as I call it, we will be eligable for a drawing/prize!
I am hoping we win a boat!!  ha, ha!

this guy just had fun dancing on the rocks

Really, he thought it was great!
I love how it is so easy to please young children
they truely find joy in the simplest things!

This is the back of the church. 
It sits on a hill where if you are driving along I-80 you definately see it.

This is the entrance.
Wish those cones would have not been there!
And I did not take any pics inside as people were busy keeping God's House clean.
Bless them.
(the buckets and mops would not look so pretty in pictures)

You can visit their website here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Late last summer we found a caterpillar. 
It was huge, deep bright blue and orange and polka dotty and fat, I mean it was the chubbiest little caterpillar you ever did see! 
I so wish I would have taken a picture. 
We put it in our bug box with the intention of taking it to preschool to show the children
 and then let it go.  However, the little thing spun its chrysalis in a day!
  So, we thought we would check on it and it get to see it emerge in a couple weeks or so. 
Well, the done thing never did!
I did not bother empting out the contents of the container before I just stuck it in the garage (all winter long). 
And what do you know?
Today, I happen to glance at it, then look away, and then say,
hey, that looked like a wing!
My thought was, poor thing finally emerges and was stuck in a cage!
it was

This is quite the happy situation as I was going to be excited to share our baby birds in our yard.  The mama bird built her nest in part of our swingset.  I carefully instructed the children they may peak but not to touch.  I only got to snap a couple of over exposed, not good pics with the intention of grabbing a different lens the next morning. Well, Lydia and Cyrus that morning thought they would be so helpful and put leaves and grass in the nest to help keep them warm......

Well, sadly these little creatures are no longer.
Though I am not a bird fan, I did feel horrible!
Poor little things, next time I guess I will have to be quite specific in my instructions.
God's little creatures.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Tulips

These are from our yard
I just love them.

Happy Mothers Day!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Swinging in the Park

This sweet babe

really does

like to swing

it makes her so happy

it makes her hair crazy

a bit A Flock of Seagull ish hair!

The youngest & oldest

Yes, that swing has seen better days. 
We were a bit off the beaten path.

This kiddo does not like the camera these days

I kept getting shoes

but as it turns out I think they were cool shots.

And this one I just love.

And although these are out of focus

I think it adds to the interest of the shot.

I kind of forgot how much I love taking pictures outside!
Happy Spring!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rice Krispies Hearts for Divine Mercy

For Divine Mercy Sunday
we made these little gems.
I just love how they turned out!
We will definately plan on these for years to come
on this wonderful Feast Day!

Saint Faustina was a mystic from not so long ago who Our Lord chose to be a special apostle of the Divine Mercy Message.  One little part of her story I chuckle at a bit is how she thought Jesus wanted her to paint the Divine Mercy image herself, but then later figured out someone else could do the painting!
However, we know even as Saint Faustina was dying she was never really pleased with the images the artists had come up with but, we know it is the message that the image portrays is what really matters.  Jesus I trust in You!