Monday, September 20, 2010


Hanging out
One of these brothers has discovered dad's Droid
He would be a game junkie if I let him!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This hot (check out that sweat!), cotton candy eating boy will soon be turning 6 years old.

He is such a sweet little boy.

Recently there has been a bit of talk of a Wii, we do not own one, but he knows some kids that do.  He does not whine or expect one right now, he has just asked if he could get one when he turns 7 for his birthday (which will be next fall).  I found that quite sweet.  He has always been sooooo awesome when we pick out a b-day gift for another child at a store about not whining to get something too. 
However, I am starting to dread the "parent pressure" of keeping up with the OTHER parents when they are all saying yes, to so much.......ugh....
NOTE:  I am not saying Wii's are bad or anything, just trying to avoid one for as long as possible for various reasons!

For now he does get to watch movies when we go on "long trips" - like the Stanton County Fair we went to in August - hence the heat in the above pics!