Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snow Fun

Sledding...sometime ago as it has since all melted - But, I am just getting pictures out of the camera into the computer. I kinda don't like that chore.


Who looks good in horizontal striped pants? Yes, only a babe can pull it off. I just love it!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa Visit

Going into this, I had absolutely NO expectations- zero! I have come to the conclusion that there is no need for a perfect Santa picture. So whatever it is, I will just remember the moments, how they really were.
"Lydia, did you sit on Santa's lap today?" I asked.
"I not like Santa, I fry." She said.

Now, this little angel seems to love the camera!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Bling!

This family really gets into the holiday spirit. We drive by this house every year and every year I get a huge kick out of it! I love it!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Music

I just wanted to share our little star! Note the "bobbing" action if you read the previous post.

This must not have been one of his favorite songs, as he did not bother to learn the words.

This next one, is one of our favorite Christmas songs around here.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


We made Christmas cookies. Fun, fun with 2 extra sets of hands. "Just a little bit, mommy, and that's all" - Lydia on "tasting". Does it count if she says this repeatedly!

Evan, he is actually pretty good. He can operate the mixer pretty well. Of course, we use a GIANT bowl as to attempt to contain our ingredients!!

Evan had his first Christmas Program at Wee Lambs. They were of course all very cute. Evan was really into the actions and bobbing his head more then singing. I could tell he was a bit taken back when he saw he was singing in front of an audience. After, he was eager to find the cookies. I was telling Mike how he scoured the cookies to find the ones we made. And wow, he over heard this and was so eager to learn this new word, "scour". Using it over and over again. That is how he is. So eager to learn language. Never mind the fact that he cannot tell a "B" from a "C"!! Oh well, I know he will be surpassing my knowledge one of these days! Hopefully not anytime soon!

Monday, December 8, 2008

"I will jump for you"

This is what I hear every night before bed. Evan and Lydia want to jump from one of the steps to us and want us to carry them up! So, they are not really jumping "for us" rather "to us".

I made a calendar from shutterfly. I got it today. It turned out quite cute if I do say so myself! I love that photo developing site! So many cool things...Thanks Luann!

Just one quick note - Cy is teething - I know how boring is that! But he is especially having a hard time with it, cannot sleep, eat well, congested, snotty nose - poor baby.

Evan today showing off his Christmas artwork. He thought that was hilarious putting it on top of his head. Why? Who knows - he is so super silly - as any 4 year old should be!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My first time blogging!

Well, I cannot believe I am "blogging", just a few years ago I probably would not have even known what the heck that meant! Well here I am. My little attempt to capture and remember life with my little ones without having more "stuff" around. I am really starting to appreciate a paperless world sometimes! Just hope this website is around for awhile!!

Just FYI as to why I chose my title. Of course I wanted something to reflect my children. I thought about "A Super Hero, a Princess, and a Babe" - which is a total reflection of who they are, or think they are. Then I figured that was a bit long. And who knows maybe I will still be doing this 10 years from now, and Baby Cy will not be a baby anymore and hopefully Evan (my 4 year old) will have figured out he is actually not a super hero, nor can he be one when he grows up - at least in the sense of actually flying or swinging via webs! So, I went with their favorite colors. Evan has been obsessed with orange since he could talk. Lydia thinks ANYTHING in a store that is pink is hers. And well for Cyrus, Evan and Lydia both came to the consensus that Cy likes green for whatever reason. So, maybe they know something I do not.

Well, I will jump in with today. Today had many blessings. A whole afternoon with the five of us. We went to the Berenstain Bears save Christmas at the Rose - such a beautiful theater. It is smaller and really just perfect for kid size. We even had front row seats...which I am not so sure we will do next time, that was a lot of looking up! Lydia enjoyed the children's performance before the show. She was so into it. I think she was the first to clap after their songs and mimicking their moves! It was 2 cute.

Tonight, I got some great pictures of Cy in his baby Santa hat and diaper - oh, he knew he was cute too and really showing off. Oh, how I wish I was a professional photographer to capture these shots more perfectly - how they really are.I got some good ones of Evan too with Cy. He is so hot and cold with the camera thing. He either wants to be in every picture (I can tell his little feelings get hurt if I say - can I just get Cy?) or he is completely annoyed that I want his picture!

I will end with my favorite quote of the day. "I will be like a Princess and I will spin around". Lydia when she saw her Christmas dress I had put out for her to wear to her cousins Christmas program at their church. This just has to be innate in little girls.