Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beach Holiday

We went on holiday...
(I love to say that verses "vacation")
traveled to Florida, by car from the heartland,
it really was not too bad, we only went to the panhandle.
I took waaay too many pics, like 600 -ridiculous!
And I have this problem, not being able to delete some, even if the shot is sooo similar to the next one. 

Here is Lydia holding a jellyfish!
With red snowcone "lipstick".
All this pics are unedited - cept for the last one of our fam - cropped and "auto" fixed in PSE!

my little model!

Evan loves the beach, waves, shells, etc

Lydia loved the noodle-
she went under with this one though!
We had some big waves on some beaches!

loved, loved the boogie boards too.
The house we rented had a couple of them,
she was a little leary as it was a "boy" one, but
she soon got over it!

this one quite liked the beach too!

not too shy,
kept getting more and more daring.

She wanted her daddy
 to keep taking her in the water to "jump" the waves!

This guy waaay shy about the water,
(he fell in a hotel pool in April - daddy was right there, but he swalled a couple of good mouthfuls and has made him scared ever since)
but did not stop him from finding all kinds of treasure!

tons of finds

had to show me everytime.

every time.

This boy drinking a chocolate milkshake
that we were all "sharing", told his brother,
"Cyrus, once you put your lips on it,
you just can't stop"

needless to say it disappeared quickly!

Loved my pirates.
Doesn't being on a play wooden ship
turn you into a pirate!

my beach boys. 

they were being so cute-
I love it when everyone is getting along-
beach/holdiay atmosphere helps!

I just wanted to yell at that guy in the background-nobody
else around and he has to stand right there!
Didn't he know I was trying to capture a moment!!!

she did not want to stop
once she got a taste of this

Pretty sure she was thinking,
"hey, I want to ride more why did it stop?"

Here we are-
almost got everyone looking!
I started off wearing my swim cover as being pregnant in a swimsuit
is not all that fun for me, but eventually it was hot, and I just wore the darn thing (maternity suit)  - I never wore one with the others!