Saturday, November 1, 2014

All Hallow's Eve....Halloween

We were running behind on Halloween, so my pictures are few.
But here is my crew.
Ghost...holy of course.
Roman soldier in the back on the right.
Ladybug....who refused to put the hood on so one could see she is a bug.

Cupcake (we carved a few days ahead....hence the black spots)
Tinkerbell with pixie dust (hence holes)
Celtic....sort of...cross - kinda messed up a bit
 scary....Evan wanted to do that one

It was a coooolllddd night ....

Poor girl's hair turned white
(just kidding we sprayed it.)

 He blended in with our ghosts this year.


5 little ghosts.
Happy All Hallows Eve
and the next day we were saints for an all saints day celebration.

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