Thursday, December 11, 2008


We made Christmas cookies. Fun, fun with 2 extra sets of hands. "Just a little bit, mommy, and that's all" - Lydia on "tasting". Does it count if she says this repeatedly!

Evan, he is actually pretty good. He can operate the mixer pretty well. Of course, we use a GIANT bowl as to attempt to contain our ingredients!!

Evan had his first Christmas Program at Wee Lambs. They were of course all very cute. Evan was really into the actions and bobbing his head more then singing. I could tell he was a bit taken back when he saw he was singing in front of an audience. After, he was eager to find the cookies. I was telling Mike how he scoured the cookies to find the ones we made. And wow, he over heard this and was so eager to learn this new word, "scour". Using it over and over again. That is how he is. So eager to learn language. Never mind the fact that he cannot tell a "B" from a "C"!! Oh well, I know he will be surpassing my knowledge one of these days! Hopefully not anytime soon!

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