Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Beach

We just got back from Michigan's west coast beach towns. This is my favorite picture. I know, no face, but it just says so much. I have to say my all time favorite photographs are of little ones at the beach, it just does not get much better!
I am forever trying to figure out what my D-SLR camera all does and trying to mess with buttons and capture FOCUSED little ones was quite difficult. But this guy does not move too fast yet!

This one may be frame worthy! In fact, I think I will make it my facebook profile pic! I am sorry I hate to come off as egotistical, but I am so proud of myself right now!! And it was not really touched up in photoshop either. Honestly, I "auoto sharpened" in elements (but I could not tell what it did?) and my "picture style" in my camera was set to landscape so I think it saturates the blues and greens, but otherwise it is SOOC! I think that is how the pro's say straight out of the camera!

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