Monday, August 9, 2010

Splish Splash

Today we went to a new, low-key (yeah for me) - splash park
One of this guy's favorite things
This one not quite as much
But she does warm up to it!
And this guy
Well, I just love this pose!

This summer has gone too quickly.  It is always hard to believe how quickly little ones grow and change.  I have been taking a zillion photos lately as to not ever forget. But one thing a photo cannot capture, one of my favorite things in life, is hearing the sound of their little voices (well not so much the screaming part - I think I hear my fair share) but, the sweet, gentle voices of a child.  I am especially loving right now Cy's 2 year old 2 word sentences and how he refers to himself as Cyrus.  Tears flow when I think of them growing up on me....

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