Monday, October 25, 2010

My First Rose from St. Therese Child of Jesus

I began my 1st EVER Novena to St Therese, of the child Jesus.  She has kept her promise for as a sign of her intercession she has sent me a rose, actually she has showered me with roses! 

It is such an amazing feeling to know she is in heaven listening to ME, pleading my cause before our Lord!
  Thank you St. Therese in "your little" way you are a Huge comfort! 

If anyone actually reads this (besides my loving husband!) if you are curious I will tell you one of the roses I recieved was on day 4 of my novena.  Which is today.  My husband is a coin dealer and buys scrap gold/silver as well.  Every once in awhile he will ask me if I want something he buys in the shop.  In the past he has brought home some saint metals.  Today, my husband asked me if I wanted a rose necklace a lady had brought in.  In ALL the jewelry he has bought, he has never bought a rose pendant until today, of course!!! 

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