Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saint Nicholas Feast Day a New Tradition in our Home

We are starting a new tradition in our home.  In an effort to teach our children the real Saint Nick we are celebrating his feast day!  This man of faith was very generous and loved children.  Indeed he is the real deal.
(verses the jolly old elf guy!)

Saint Nicholas has stopped by our home this evening,
filling our shoes with Christ's love!
(which of course includes candy & treats)
Note the pair of sandals Lydia chose to leave out...that girl cannot get it through her head summer is OVER!!!  And since Aliza is only 6 mos. we borrowed a pair of Lydia's shoes.

Some more Holy items have been included

Like prayer cards

They are so pretty

I gave them each a different one.

And ornaments
these are Wally World specials...ugh
I think next year I will find a bit more special ornaments.
I think it would be nice to find angels for the girls every year and crosses for the boys.

Hopefully as the years go by our kids will think of the real Saint Nick.  We will still have Santa stop in of course on Jesus Birthday, but I am excited for our kids to really learn about the true meaning of Christmas in which our secular society so easily forgets.

I saw this statement from
"When we honor saint Nicholas, following his example of selfless giving, we honor the Christ Child who selflessly gave the greatest gift of all—himself."

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