Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Duggars

Have you seen this family before?

I just watched another "episode" of The Duggars. I think they are an amazing family! In this world where morals and values have gone down in the gutter, this family is refreshing to watch! They are raising kind, caring, and serving children.

In my "googling" to find their website, I of course stumbled across a blog where the blogger (a mom even) had horrible things to say about them and lots of horrible comments followed in agreement with this blogger. Needless to say it irritated me. They seem to be a lovely family.

It is scary to see the direction that society is going. I for one am extremely tired of seeing the sexual ads on TV and in print -- Please Calvin Klein I DO NOT WANT anymore of your Obsession perfume samples mailed to me! I DO NOT WANT "soft pornography" in my house! And we wonder why 13 yr old kids are sending obscene pictures of themselves? Hmmm? The Duggars are doing something right - I think the rest of us have it wrong!

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