Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dubuque, IA

Dubuque, IA is a neat little city. It is not necessarily a hot spot for vacation, but none the less can deliver for some nice family times.
I love this kind of "thing". We rode the
Fenelon Place Elevator. At the top is a charming neighborhood and below is the business district with restaurants, shops, & churches. The locals still use it.

The kids loved it.

This Guy has been asking to see a cave.

So, a cave tour it was.
It was actually quite "adventurous" at times!

This is me with Cyrus
(I usually do not do this side of the camera-
Donna @ Quiet Life had a post about doing so - so I am trying!)

"Signature colors"

For Lydia if it is not pink,then it is a coerced converstion (to get her to wear it)!


Charlotte said...
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t.t. millers said...

Great photo of you! Make sure you do it more often! I have had so many years of me behind the camera. Now when I scrapbook, there are none of me! oops!

PW said...

Just stumbled upon this blog. So glad that you all enjoyed your trip to Iowa, including the cave!