Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dirty Feet & Apple Jack Days!

Why...Why? Where does this kid walk?
We recently went to Apple Jack Days in Nebraska city. I was not camera happy that day - but now I am bummed I did not get much for photos.

We did enjoy fresh apple cider - although this is cherry cider.

More Cherry cider in Lied Lodge. Why did I not snap them drinking apple cider...since this was Apple Jack Days and all...

Do you know what holiday J. Sterling Morton started?

Why yes, Arbor Day, which is actually in April! But hey fall is also tree planting time. I actually ordered some trees from the Arbor Day Foundation here. The trees I think come fairly small, but you cannot beat the price and you get 10 FREE trees with a $10 membership. I know the free trees will be, well sticks, but I am going to try to nurse them into treehood!!!

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