Thursday, September 10, 2009

I love ebay - I hate ebay!

I have a love/hate attitude with ebay. Of course I am thankful for ebay as my dear husband provides for our family through ebay! He is a full-fledged coin dealer - a bit odd we know! I am proud to say he is one of the most reputable and honest sellers and goes out of his way (sometimes I think too much) to make his customers happy. Needless to say we are blessed with his hard, honest work ethic and with ebay's "help".

On the flip side ebay drives me crazy! It blows my mind what some people pay for certain things. Like say a little girls witch costume. I have been on the hunt. Our Lydia has a heart for princesses but is currently quite intrigued with being a witch!

Anyway, I have been annoyed with "used" witch costume prices! Why would you pay for a "used" costume more then what the store sold it for last Halloween? But people keep bidding it up! I guess I do not "hate" ebay. More, it boggles my mind what the "general public" does! And have you ever seen what some people try and sell? Oh my, oh my - that could be an entirely different subject!

Well, for now, our little princess is happy to be spinning in her Dorothy dress - She has NO idea that that is what it is. Although we do have a Wizard of Oz short storybook, she has never made the connection. She just loves it as her "Princess" dress!
And as you can see


is required
to be

a princess!

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