Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby # 4...

It has been too long
since making a post
for our
family journal!
despite what our 3yr. old daughter says,
we are indeed expecting
this new babe

and not a volcano,
in late June!


Rae said...

congrats!!!! #4 good for you!

Amelia & Aliza said...

Congrats on baby #4! I popped on over here from my blog where you commented on my daughter Aliza's name :) We pronounce it like "Liza" or "Eliza". We chose to spell it with an "A" because we already had Amelia and because the meaning of Aliza with an "A" means joyful. And she certainly lives up to her name! Good luck choosing a name for your next. Lydia is a beautiful name. We actually considered that name for Aiza!