Monday, March 29, 2010

Popcorn in Fort Worth

We just got back from Fort Worth.  I find my rather large tummy these days makes it difficult to capture good photos, to get the right angle and all...Well, at least I got a good one of popcorn time.  We rode a miniture train and enjoyed our $1 popcorn boxes.  The perfect size for little hands.

More popcorn... 
(My flash was popped up for whatever reason = wrong exposure...)

Went to the Fort Worth Zoo which is ranked one of the top 5 zoos in the nation.  It has a nice atmosphere to walk through.  Our Henry Doorly Zoo is also one of the top zoos.  I am not a "zoo" person, but I will say our Omaha Henry Doorly does not have as great of outdoor atmosphere, but indoor exibits are definately better at our local zoo.

Here is Lydia posing at the Fort Worth Zoo.  She just got that outfit and adores it beyond words!  Too bad the skirt has ripped at the seem upon first washing...errr.  I will have to make an exchange as her love affair with it is very intense.  After all she did tell her brother, "I got a new outfit that has a lot of stuff to it."  Yes, a tank top, shirt to go over, skirt, & legg'ins...cute as a button!

Evan at the Dallas World Aquarium.  I guess I was not too impressed as again our local zoo has just as nice of a rainforest and a waaaay better tunnel aquarium.  The water here was so dark, you could hardly see the fish!

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