Monday, October 31, 2011

All Hallows Eve - Angel Pumpkin!

So, I searched and searched googled & googled to find an ANGEL PUMPKIN STENCIL with not much luck.  So, I made my very own!  I can barely draw stick people, but with the help of some angel coloring pages I found, I think I pulled it off!  The dress part was a very last second thought/fix as I was going to cut out the whole dress.  But then I remembered as I had been pondering in my head for a few days how the heck I was going to pull my angel off how I had wanted to keep a portion of the dress.  I had already made some cuts but I was still able to "save" it and keep the middle MOSTLY intact!  (I painted it white to try to cover up a line.)  But still I love it!  I totally think my Guardian Angel helped me out on this one!

My k-er drew and cut out
her cross - just a little help from mom!

Here are our ghosts!
Dad keeps having to make another one each year!

 Evan's ghostly pumpkin!

3 out of 4 children
Darth Vader - Friendly Witch - Optimus Prime

is on the fly...always

My real live ladybug

constantly on the move

this one

and this one
were as good as I could get of the little Ladybug's face!
And she LOVED wearing this costume! 
She was so excited to put it on!

Lydia's Cross Pumpkin ~
We have a Holy Ghost now! 

I have never actually bought those little pumpkin carving "tools" until this year.  And now I am saying why oh why did I not dish out the 5 bucks on a few tools?!  I thought knives were just as good, but how wrong I was!  I never would have been able to pull off my Angel & Cy's Bat without those little tiny tools!

2nd year for this costume -
he knows what he likes and he is sticking to it!

How cute is this particular Optimus Prime!
He looked so cute with the little padding under it!
My little "muscle" optimus prime guy.

Don't all witches have GAP hoodies?!!

More Scary Holy Ghosts!

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