Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Books

These are some of our favorite books at Christmas.  I saw different family blogs where they would wrap the books and the children got to unwrap a book each day of Advent.  So, we have been doing that around here. (Some books are new and some "old", but it is still fun for the kids to unwrap them!)

Humphrey's First Christmas 

This is hands down my FAVORITE book this year!
It is so cute!  It is funny and Holy at the same time.
Illustrations are wonderful! 
And it is NOT long. 
(My 7 year old boy is the only one who can listen to the "long" books.)

S is for Snowman - God's Wintertime Alphabet

Another book with great illustrations for the kiddos.
It is simple and sweet and does not forget about God's wonders.
I snapped a few pages of this book...

The Miracle of Saint Nicholas
This is a fictional story - but I just love it.
I love Russian things and this book is set in Russia.
It is informative in a simple way.  (Catholic traditions/art)
The pictures are fairly simple, but suit the book very well.

If you Take a Mouse to the Movies

Ok, so this one is Cyrus' favorite - the 3 year old.
I must admit all my kids love this series.
It is just a fun read! 

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Tami said...

I have a lot of the "Mouse" books. They are great and always a big hit with the kids. Thanks for the other suggestions. I am always looking for different books for my in-home daycare.