Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Saint Lucia Feast Day - December 13

So, we have been celebrating some more feast days around here.  The kids love it!  There is so much to learn from our Saint Friends in Heaven. Their lives were so incredibly miraculous - it amazes me!  I know there are many "legends", but still many not!

Our Lucy Bride
(We had a hard time coming up with her red sash -
we made do with a cape and some thin ribbon!)

Good Morning!
I think the candles (on her crown) are supposed to be white,
but Lydia wanted them red for Jesus' blood. 
(She is getting ahead of herself for Lent!) So,
she made them red.  She can make anything out of paper -
if we do not have it, she can create a paper version!
She is happy as ever to do it too!
(the red sash was nearly going to be paper!)

our little Liza
crazy morning hair!

So, after school we made candle lights
that you can even eat for a treat!

Still using up that Halloween candy corn...

He is sooo goofy

We read our Lucia book a few days earlier,
it is on the long side for almost all my kids,
so I did not attempt it tonight.

Turns our it was a perfect day to speak of light
as it was a very dark cloudy day around here!

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