Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Christmas Curly Q's

Merry Christmas Girls!

Lydia rising from her new loft bed

 love this pink tree in their room
 it is all glowy

someday, I will have to roll a 3rd head of hair
but not quite yet.
(go ahead and ignore that 0-3month size pacifier in her 1 year old mouth)

On our way to 8:00am Mass

We did not even peak at gifts

before we went to say
Happy Birthday to Jesus

Merry Christmas!
This was taken at church -
we are quite blessed with a beautiful church-
I could take pictures there forever,
but I think people think I am a little strange taking pictures there sometimes.
Also, someone gets a little annoyed with me a chance to practice the virtue of patience, but I hate to push it too much!

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