Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saint Lucia

I love this feast day.....
I am not even sure why.....
I used to not know a thing about it
(A girl with candles on her head....kinda weird...)

  I love the white dresses
 (or big brother's white t-shirt)


I love the the red sashes
(and little babes that look like funny elves)

 This little elf was not sticking around for pictures
(I am surprised she kept her crown on as long as she did)

I made their crowns-
I was short on greenery, but I will add more next year
why are babies so busy....

They rarely hold plates with food on them, let alone with fire!

and someone is ready to serve

 I could have watched them parade around the house

but the boys were growing impatient
we made it to the dining room


and despite my wishes of getting all the children together 
for a picture

I settled for 2 of 3 of my St. Lucias

and a quick one of Star boy

He made his hat at school (public even)
I love how in kindergarten they "travel" around the world and learn about various customs and traditions and God Bless them they get to learn about St. Lucia's Feast Day!

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