Wednesday, January 29, 2014

She is One ....Past one

Our Marin is One
I was overdue in getting perfectly one year pics....
these are more like 13 1/2 month pictures

 we were outside - a bit chilly, but it was a mini shoot
(I did not take them)

She is so serious

 always so hard to get her to smile for the camera.

I would put her in this dress everyday if I could

 can I?

Everyone oughta have a perfectly purple party dress

The little flower shop had the most perfect colors out decorating the front of their shop.
It looks like I planned it all out ( I did not - just got lucky - it was all quite last minute actually!)
I just knew I wanted pictures of her in that dress!

I would put her in this dress everyday if I could....oops did I already mention that?
This last one is my favorite

She fell off that perfectly positioned bench that just happen to be outside the flower shop.  Her little feet could not quite touch the ground and I knew she would try....just knew it.....but I wanted that shot on that bench.....yep she tried to get up - fell on her face on the cement.....I knew I should of put a blanket on the cement...the fall left a mark, right on that perfectly flawless forehead!
Poor girl, first I make her take pics in the cold air and then I set her up to fall - just for a that perfect shot!

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