Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine Cards - Photo Style!

A few years ago I started making photo Valentine Cards, and now I feel the obligation to keep it rolling....  Despite, how much time I waste in PicMonkey.....I like having their little picture on the "card"!

This is the first year I made one for Aliza.

We attached a chocolate heart and a little lollipop.

Cyrus...what a guy

We attached 2 Twizzlers

Here is Lydia's

She chose Blow Pops as her treat to pass out.
I thought it was cute as the lollipop is a bit umbrella like for the know if your are wanting to tie in the whole Mary Poppins thing with the wind....perhaps a stretch!

And the oldest
Evan is so easy going

I picked out his candy - he does not care so much.
Went with the 'ole Tootsie pops 
with the 'ole Tootsie Roll center!

So we are set...just have to finish up Lydia's cupcake Valentine Box and already sent Lloyd (the green ninja) off to kindergarten.  I will post a picture, cause it is stink'in cute and I am no ninja fan!

Happy Saint Valentine's Day!

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Christine said...

I love the pictures of all your kiddos...these Valentines are super cute!