Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Holy Family Shrine

We went here yesterday

to the glass church.
(that is my brother, holding a non smiley baby!)

Lydia sketched away in her book.
We are doing a local "Let's Go Play" booklet where you "go play", get the clue/rubbing to show you have been there or draw your own picture as she is doing for this one
and when we have 20 "adventures" as I call it, we will be eligable for a drawing/prize!
I am hoping we win a boat!!  ha, ha!

this guy just had fun dancing on the rocks

Really, he thought it was great!
I love how it is so easy to please young children
they truely find joy in the simplest things!

This is the back of the church. 
It sits on a hill where if you are driving along I-80 you definately see it.

This is the entrance.
Wish those cones would have not been there!
And I did not take any pics inside as people were busy keeping God's House clean.
Bless them.
(the buckets and mops would not look so pretty in pictures)

You can visit their website here.

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