Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last Day of Kindergarten

This was the last day of kindergarten for Evan.  He did a super job all year ~ I could not be more proud! Never once did his "Kelso Stick" go down to the "oops" cup or for that matter the "super sad" cup.  I think he was the only one in his class who was able to do that! Now if he could just do that at home!!!


But, sadly I have been noticing he is starting to immitate some of the things he has learned from the "other kids" at school.  The obnoxious stuff.  He may not be able to define the word sarcasm, but knows how to talk that way.  This morning he told his little brother "oh nice job" when he was quite annoyed with him for wrecking something.  I think back a year ago and he never would have expressed himself that way. Sure, he would have spoke his mind but not sacastically.  And I know it is pretty normal for many of us (including myself) to speak that way. But, I also look at my almost 5 year old Lydia who would never think to say anything sarcastic.  She is so pure and innocent.  I have swallowed somethings that have happened to Evan his 1st year of kindergarten and try to remind myself it is part of life, but, I cannot help but think about Lydia next year having to lose some of her innocence that comes from being exposed to the "other kids"....
But for now we will enjoy our summer bubble of time.

He thought it was funny to hold his lunch box up ~ so did I!

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