Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Late last summer we found a caterpillar. 
It was huge, deep bright blue and orange and polka dotty and fat, I mean it was the chubbiest little caterpillar you ever did see! 
I so wish I would have taken a picture. 
We put it in our bug box with the intention of taking it to preschool to show the children
 and then let it go.  However, the little thing spun its chrysalis in a day!
  So, we thought we would check on it and it get to see it emerge in a couple weeks or so. 
Well, the done thing never did!
I did not bother empting out the contents of the container before I just stuck it in the garage (all winter long). 
And what do you know?
Today, I happen to glance at it, then look away, and then say,
hey, that looked like a wing!
My thought was, poor thing finally emerges and was stuck in a cage!
it was

This is quite the happy situation as I was going to be excited to share our baby birds in our yard.  The mama bird built her nest in part of our swingset.  I carefully instructed the children they may peak but not to touch.  I only got to snap a couple of over exposed, not good pics with the intention of grabbing a different lens the next morning. Well, Lydia and Cyrus that morning thought they would be so helpful and put leaves and grass in the nest to help keep them warm......

Well, sadly these little creatures are no longer.
Though I am not a bird fan, I did feel horrible!
Poor little things, next time I guess I will have to be quite specific in my instructions.
God's little creatures.

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