Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh Be Careful Little Ears What You Hear

I am not completely nieve, maybe a little.  And I know I am counter-cultural.  But, in a recent conversation I had with another mom made me realize not only am I fighting what the media portrays as "fine", but many, many parents who are careless or use terrible judgement - I am "fighting" them too.

I was talking with another mother who told me when her son, who, at the time was 6 years old, asked her what (s) (*) (x) was, she told him "exactly" what it was and that it is beautiful for a husband and wife - at least she put that in there.  She said she wants to be the one to explain it to her children.  Well of course!  But, why not baby steps?  Her 4 year old son was present as well- "so he would know too."   She wanted to make sure they did not think it was dirty.  The conversation kept getting worse.  She seemed to not be bothered that this talk was going on (at school) for her boys to hear.  She said her boys know what a bj was too.  And this is a church going mom.  It bothers me that she is not bothered!  Oh, bother...

I am thankful my children have not asked me these things (yet).  At the same time I fear what their little ears hear, that I am not aware of.  I would have taken such a different approach and it makes me sooooo mad the way this mother handled the situation.  As far as I am concerned she added more fuel to the fire.  Will her children keep this information to themselves, probably not.  Do the elementary children who speak of these things get taught, that this is not "appropriate" subject matter, nope - do not even know who "they" are.  And do you suppose if we asked her own children, (now 5 and 7) what they thought of "it", would they really think of "it" as "beautiful"?  No, they will think it is gross.

And so, as I send my children out the door,
I pray to God to protect their little ears from the ways of the world.

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Tami said...

My boys are now teens and what they hear from other peers is frightening. I had the "talk" with them around the age of 12. I was horrified to know that they have heard most of it, no matter how much I tried to shelter them. I don't agree with that mother who told her young children. Their little minds are not developed enough to understand what she was saying. I think I would have said to them "It's something adults do." and leave it at that.