Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our Lady of Altagracia

Since our children go to public school, I try to incorporate several feast days at home when we are able to. Our Lady of Altagracia happened to fall on a Saturday this year (Jan 21) so we were able to do a few things. I had never heard of Our Lady of Altagracia before until of course I saw her over at Catholic Cuisine.  So, we read A Gift of Gracias: The legend of Altagracia.  It is a lovely book.


Evan is being naughty!

Our "craft"
We painted orange trees.
We used big plastic bubble wrap to dip in paint to paint the oranges.
(Once the green was dry)
If you read the book it makes sense why we stuck Mary in the tree!

Lydia added those orange butterflies
and one of the trees never got the Our Lady of Altagracia in it....

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