Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Small Town Dinosaur Museum & House of Mirrors

We went to a little Dinosaur Museum.  The kind that just has mostly replicas of the Dinosaurs.  Not actual bones or fossils?  I know almost nothing about dinosaurs.  As a younger person I had no interest in taking the time to read the "little signs" in museums, but now if I could, I would.  So, I could at least know something about these creatures that walked on the same earth as me.  But, then again if I read the little signs, I would probably forget it in about half a second as retaining scientific knowledge is not my "thing".  So, I guess I am not really complainig about not being able to read the signs - chasing my kids is fun and seeing them "see"!

Like Aliza here.  I think, this dinosaur is actually 4 real (vs. a replica -I did not get to read the sign).  She kept wanting to tickle him.   She kept saying "ticka, ticka, ticka".  It was precious, I should have got it on video.  darn.

I did not take good pictures.  I am not good at taking pictures inside anyway.  I have to have a pretty backdrop, to get excited about really trying to get good pictures.  In a dino museum, that is not happening.

I told the kids to stick their head in,
she was the only one brave enough!

This is all Evan, who is 7 would do.
He is such a chicken!!!
(I can say that since I am his mom!)

 the most fun we had
 was in the house of mirrors!

It was pretty big.
We were the only ones in it.
Cyrus kept running into the glass -
I thought he was going to break the mirrors.

Here is no flash.

bumped up the ISO all the way
and still had to lighten in photoshop elements.

Of course, the flash kept doing this.
I so wish I could have got better pics, oh well.

Why didn't I take pics of where there was no glass? dah!
I did not think, I was in a rush trying to keep up with my family!
I have never been in such a big house of mirrors before!
(The ones in the truck at the county fairs as a kid, were the extent of my house of mirror experiences)

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Tami said...

What a fun place to go to! Reminds me of the movie starring Ben Stiller. I can't think what the title is. Something like "A night in a Museum".