Monday, August 6, 2012

Buttermilk Pancakes

I stopped buying pancake mix at the store.  Pancakes are easy enough, I figure I can just make 'em from scratch - being the Susie homemaker I am!  ha, ha! 

I have pinned a few pancake recipes on pinterest like
this one - anything with cinnamon I am all over!
and this one (kiddos did not love em - little too healthy)
or this one - have not tried - who has pastry flour on hand?  is it necessary for the recipe?

Anyhoo, these were pretty good -basic.  It uses 1/4 cup brown sugar which is a little different.  I never have real buttermilk on hand, so I always cheat with vinegar and skim milk. I am sure buttermilk would make a valuable difference, but I don't want all the extra calories on top of all the syrup we use!

But, the recipe I use most of the time is from the all recipes website.  The recipe actually calls for milk + vinegar - love that!  It is easy peasy and super yummy and fluffy!  Try it!  I sometimes add a little coconut oil to my griddle - very yummo! 

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