Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Upside down

I was taking a few snaps
of the girls in Lydia's room.
The light was fading and most
of the pics turned out dark and blah.
these 2
turned out to be my favs in a long time!

It was after bathtime
(which was my purpose to capture Aliza in
her hippo towel)
but they did not turn out too well...

who knows?

Oh and we did manage a ring around the rosie dance

With another baby coming we are going to have to move the girls both into Lydia's room.  Which means Aliza will be coming out of her crib soon - all my other kids just stayed in their "big bed" so easily and we moved them young, this girl I am not so sure about!


Tami said...

Your girls are so beautiful. You took pictures that capture their love of each other. That baby has come yet? ????

Katie said...

Thanks Tami! No baby yet... not 'til December - a way to go yet!

Annmarie Pipa said...

beautiful pictures!! so happy! we moved kids in and out of each others rooms with each baby I don't even know how we did it...now they say remember when I roomed with him? and me and my husband say no...
good luck..have fun!!