Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lazy and Scrappy Day

I have been neglecting this poor little girl...
I forgot to grab an outfit upstairs this morning -
I did not get her out of jam bams.
Well, then she decides to spit out her granola at one point -
Cyrus told me "Mom Aliza is throwing up"
Me - "No, she is just spitting out...errr"

Well the jam bam shirt came off
(apparently couch cushions have too)
and that is how it was.
Then Cyrus tells me -
"Umm, mom, can you get a shirt on her
because it is really weird"

Cy's zoo this morning

and his building -

can you see how old some of those blocks are?
They are from my childhood, they probably have lead in them
or something...

Took a pic of our dining room table we are trying to find chairs for.
It is a family piece on my husbands side, while I am not
a huge oak fan, it is nice to have.

I would like ladder back chairs - in French or English country style,
but yikers, new or old they want so much for that style!

These beauties are across the ocean:
but I want them really bad

only 1450 GBP's for 6, plus $500 USD's to ship!

Well, kiddos are home for the day - I am off!

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