Sunday, August 4, 2013

And the Race is On!

I have this 7 year old girl,
I mean LOVES to run.
It does not come from me.
She has been wanting to run a race,
so we found a 1k kids run and entered the oldest 3

 there were not too many kiddos

 and they are off
Cyrus is 5 in the middle in red
goodness he was so cute
 Lydia came in 3 or 4th?
(I did not keep track - they were out there just for fun
besides I was too busy with my camera!)

if you look behind this girl you may see a certain boy in blue...
 We have to work on this boy's form-
he runs so heavy on his feet!

 and this guy
our Cy guy
he was so happy when he came up the finish

and proud of himself
even though
he knew his brother and sister would beat him.

He wore his medal for a good part of the day!

It was definitely a good experience.
They are already looking forward to the next run!
  This one hung out on dad's shoulders!
Lydia ending up coming home and wanting to run more!
The girl ran almost 2 miles when she got home!

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