Friday, August 16, 2013

7 Quick Takes

The kids went back to school this week.
Finished last minute school supply shopping and went to Red Mango
our first visit - YUM!

Went to the Holy Family Shrine.  Love this place.  The grounds and view are so beautiful.

This is the entrance

 Woulda been slightly more peaceful without all of them, but I was happy to have them!

Golly they have grown since the last time I posted pictures of them there!

I confess I love PicMonkey - could spend HOURS in PicMonkey
I had fun with the above image - that sun flare above a certain 3 year old girl
well, it is not real!
And below - I don't really use fuji film...

Evan "needed" a family photo for school
Man alive those teachers are always wanting from when they were a baby, pictures of your family, pictures of themselves to tell about them, pictures of grandparents, parents and siblings for family tree....

First day of school came on Thursday,
a certain 3rd grader was under the weather, so I just sent these 2!  Lydia is in 2nd grade and Cy in kindergarten.
Oh my k-er.....sigh
He is so funny though.
I asked him how his day was and he told me:
"I still want it to be longer than preschool, but not sooo long"
He has a fabulous kinder teacher - feeling super blessed about that.

Here is the sick kiddo - missing his first day of 3rd grade

Managing to eat eggs a little later, but still feeling cold - hence the jacket...
he rarely gets sick - so I know it is the real deal when he is saying how cold he is, of course his body temp was on fire!

 We did manage to pull off some really cute hair for the first day of school!
 It is actually pretty easy to do - I just love her tutorials at cute girls hairstyles!  The dutch head band braid! If you can french braid then you can do this!

 We had double celebrations on Thursday - dad's b-day and of course Our Lady's Assumption! We had gone to Mass Wednesday  night as dad was out of town all day for his b-day on Thursday - he arrived from Chicago for a quick Happy Birthday Cake, Assumption Cake (blue poke cake with whip cream clouds!)

Dad was tired...we ate quickly and shuffled everyone upstairs to bed.  Poor Aliza says
"but we didn't do any party games"
oh that girl...

 I don't think Mary and Dad minded too much sharing a cake! 
After all she does like to say Yes!

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Emily said...

I am loving that hairstyle! I just had my first - a baby girl - and I love seeing all the girly things I have to look forward to!

RAnn said...

That hairdo is cute. If failed, I didn't start putting stuff in my youngest's "hair" (she didn't have any) when she was too young to take it out and by the time she had hair she hated stuff on her head.

Amy said...

What's a party without party games? I had to laugh.