Tuesday, August 13, 2013

For the Love of Hydrangeas

love my hydrangeas this time of year
this year has been so great for flowers and gardens

speaking of gardens
can you spy with your little eye
a tomato cage!!
someone puts them all around our yard in little nooks and crannies...
kinda drives me batty, but I guess I enjoy the fruit of it!

I did not take a pic of our little peach tree, but it was fruitful
this is what I did capture for whatever reason
smashed peaches all over the sidewalk
so I guess boys like to smash stuff up and so sometimes you gotta let em

but it did create this

and brought baby bunny out

there are many many many bunnies in our yard
just glad they did not eat all my impatiens and black-eyed susans this year

and just for fun
this guy sure loves his baby sister
he had not been holding her too much, and whenever we snap a picture,
either Evan or Lydia holds her
recently I suggested he can hold her in a group pic
and oh boy, he was THRILLED! 
gets kinda happy to hold her ever since...

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