Thursday, February 25, 2010

10 Things About Me...

1) I cannot stand litter bugs -esp. when they "set" their trash outside their car in a parking lot.

2) I am not gonna lie - I love pizza & cake - send me to a kid b-day and I am in heaven!

3) I drive a Suburban and I am not really concerned that it is not environmentally friendly

4) I am Pro-life

5) I love "Fight the good fight" 1 Timothy 6:12

6) I flip my pillow during the night to get to the cold side

7) I SERIOUSLY hate public restrooms, SERIOUSLY

8) I am not a shoe person, I wish there was one multipurpose shoe I could where and that would be that.

9) Random movie I sure love ~
In America ~ Irish family moving to NY

10) My sweet husband is a coin dealer, isn't that weird?

I will continue this post just incase anyone would ever care or read! I think these are fun to read about people. Totally pointless at the same time as I am sure I could be sleeping, cleaning, praying, attending to know.

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