Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Melted Crayon Stained Glass Hearts

We made Valentine heart decor for our chandelier. The idea is for the light coming through them to look like stained glass. They are fairly simple to make.

Our chandelier is ready for Heart Day!

Purples turn quite dark - I liked the lighter shades.
All you need is Wax paper, crayon shavings from a little hand held pencil sharpener, and according to Martha Stewart, Kraft paper - whatever that is? I just used a paper grocery sack!

Simply place your crayon shavings inbetween the wax paper, fold in the edges about an inch as you are going to take a warm iron to melt the shavings. I placed my paper sack on my ironing board, then the wax paper/crayon shavings, then another paper sack and ironed. Cool a bit and cut. Easy Peasy, right?

Here is Martha Stewart's version:
Crayon Hearts

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