Saturday, February 20, 2010

PBS Masterpiece = The Real Thing!

OK, this may make me sound a bit square, however I am really getting into Sunday night Masterpiece on PBS. As a kid I remember my mom's favorite night, maybe the only night she watched tv was Sunday night's Masterpiece Theater on PBS. I remember thinking it was "nerdy" and BORING. One particular ocassion she "made me" watch a particular series. Turns out, I ejoyed every minute of Anne of Green Gables, how could you not?

Well anyway, I find myself getting tired of the smut/trash on tv, especially Sunday nights. Although the show is called Brothers & Sisters, it seems to have a lack of true "family values". However, to watch Masterpiece Classic - well, it is just that. The season runs untils April 25. The Diary of Anne Frank is coming April 11.

On a completely different note, what is a post without a picture? Well, I do not believe in them!

This guy is wondering why the heck his mom wants to photograph him eating a banana muffin?

And please excuse the coloring, bad camera day and no editing! My walls are really not that yuck of a color, they are actually a grey/green which I like in person, but show up awful in pics!

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Some call me Neesie. said...

Your children are really beautiful ... and your photography matches! It might not be your wall color, but I like the warm glow captured in these photos :)